What to Wear With Camo Pants – Fashion Tips for Camo Pants

Camouflage pants are a popular style choice for everybody. They can be dressed up or down, making them versatile for many occasions. If you’re not sure what to wear with camo pants, don’t worry! We’re here to help. Read on for some fashion advice on how to rock this stylish trend.
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what to wear with camo pants

What to Wear With Camo Pants

They are not very easy to pull off, so it’s normal that many people wonder what to wear with camo pants. But we’re here to help you out! Surprisingly enough, camo pants are actually a pretty versatile piece of clothing. And with the right idea, you can style them for any occasion.

Styling Camo Pants With Tops

When it comes to what to wear with camo pants, the first thing we want to discuss is tops. After all, what you wear on your upper half will really dictate the overall look of your outfit. So, here’s our advice on styling camo pants with tops.


In general, a shirt is such a plain piece of clothing, it will fit almost anything. The keyword being almost. Shirts and camo pants can make a fun or a fancy look. The best types of shirts to wear with camo pants are: white shirts, black shirts, plaid shirts, denim shirts, and ornamented blouses. You can tuck in your shirt or leave it out. If you’re going for a more casual look, we suggest leaving your shirt untucked.

Now, white shirts (also other light colored ones) and ornamented shirts can be nicely paired up with a leather jacket. Black and plaid shirts will look best with a denim jacket. A plain and “muted” (because of the jacket) top will balance out the camo print on your pants. Plaid and denim shirts are items on their own, so if you want to wear them with camo pants, we suggest a white undershirt to go with it.


T-shirts are also a great option when it comes to what to wear with camo pants. They are more casual than shirts, but they can still make a great look. Just like with shirts, what you wear on your upper half will dictate the overall feel of your outfit. The best types of t-shirts to wear with camo pants are: white t-shirts, black t-shirts, and pastel-colored t-shirts. We do not recommend a monochrome look – you will look like a soldier!

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Sweaters and Sweatshirts

Whether your camo pants are tight or loose, you may easily pair them up with a sweater or a sweatshirt. The key is just choosing an appropriate one. Let’s start with the fit. If you’re wearing loose camo pants, we recommend a fitted sweater or sweatshirt. This will balance out your outfit and make you look more proportionate. If you’re wearing tight camo pants, feel free to choose whatever type of sweater or sweatshirt you want! We love the way a baggy sweater looks with tight pants, though.

As for the colors, the best choice is: black, white, gray, and pastel colors. We do not recommend bright colors, as they will clash with the print on your pants. You should also steer away from green and brown ones. Acceptable brown and green top colors for camo pants are: caramel and chocolate brown, and pastel mint green, or bottle-green. 


Last (but not least) thing we want to talk about is jackets. The best type of jacket to wear with camo pants is a denim jacket. It will give you a more casual look. If you want to dress up your outfit, go for a leather jacket. We do not recommend any other type of jackets, as they will make you look like you’re going hunting! Trench coats are also not advised, they just don’t match.

Pairing Camo Pants With Shoes

So, you know what to wear with camo pants, but you’re not sure about the shoes? We agree, that’s a tricky one. The thing is, some shoes, such as sandals or loafers, usually just feel wrong with camo pants. Here’s what types of shoes match:

Sports Shoes

Sports shoes are a great option if you want a more casual look. The best thing about them is that they come in all colors, so you can really play around with your outfit! As for the type, Vans, Converse, Nike, or Adidas – most of them will fit camo pants well. Our only advice is to go for city style sports shoes, rather than outdoor ones. The outdoor sports shoes may make your camo pants outfit look as if you’re going hunting.


If you want to dress up your camo pants, heels are the way to go. We recommend pairing them with a fitted shirt or a sweater. You can also wear a denim jacket with heels, but we don’t recommend it if you’re going for a more elegant look. The best heel types to match are: stilettos, pumps, and ankle boots. If you’re planning on wearing sparkly heels, remember not to put too much jewelry on top. The best types of heels to wear with camo pants are nude.

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Combat Boots/ Heeled Boots

Both combat boots and heeled boots are great choices when it comes to what to wear with camo pants. The only thing you need to consider is the overall style of your outfit. If you want a more casual look, go for combat boots. If you’re going for a dressier outfit, choose heeled boots. Now, balance is the key. Combat boots work best with tight camo pants. Heeled boots work well with all the fits.

Accessorizing Camo Pants

You already know what to wear with camo pants! Now, let’s talk about how to bling that outfit. The best type of jewelry to go with camo pants is the simple one. Think big hoop earrings, long gold necklaces, or heavy but plain metal bracelets. You can also go for dainty jewelry, but remember to not overdo it. The same goes for sunglasses – keep them small and delicate.

As for the bags, we recommend choosing a bag that contrasts with your pants. Black or white handbags are always a good idea! Just make sure it’s not too big or bulky, as it will make your outfit look unbalanced.

Camo Pants Outfit Ideas

We’ve decided that just talking about what to wear with camo pants is not enough. Therefore, we want to provide you with some outfit ideas! Here they are!

Camo Pants and a White Shirt

This is our favorite camo pants look! And it works regardless of how fitted your camo pants are! So, to complete a look, pair your camo pants with a white shirt. If the pants are loose, tuck the shirt in; if it’s camo leggings, leave the shirt out. Choose a pair of heeled boots, or sparkly heels. As for the top, a black leather jacket will do just fine. Finish the look with a few pieces of silver jewelry, and black sunglasses.

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Baggy Camo Pants and a Fitted Top

This look is for a rather casual occasion. As we’ve mentioned, camo pants go nicely with sports shoes. For this look, you want to pair baggy camo pants with a pair of sneakers with slightly bigger and/or wider soles. As for the top, choose a fitter t-shirt, crop top, or even a fitted turtleneck. Accessorize with dog tags, or fun and colorful sunglasses.

Camo Pants and a Pastel Sweatshirt

A nice thing to pair up with camo pants is a pastel sweatshirt. The look is kind of contrasting, but if accessorized well, it looks super fun! So, here’s how to do it. 

Find yourself a nice, preferably a little oversized, pastel sweatshirt. Pink and purple tones make the nicest contrast, although baby blue will do the trick too! For footwear, we recommend sports shoes in bright colors. Combat shoes will look good too, but to tie them to the look, we would wear a pair of pastel colored socks sticking out of them. This look doesn’t need much accessorizing – a colorful bracelet or a watch will be enough.

What NOT to Wear With Camo Pants

Now that you know what to wear with camo pants, we want to give you a few pointers on what not to wear. The first thing you should avoid is wearing anything that’s too elegant or dressy. That means no shirts with jewels, no ballet flats, and no silk scarves. You should also steer clear of green and brown. These colors are too close to the natural colors of the pants, and they will make you look like you’re going hunting! Finally, avoid wearing anything that’s camo patterned but in bright colors, like pink or yellow. This will make your outfit look tacky and unbalanced.

Camo pants are a great choice for both casual and dressy looks. We hope our tips were helpful, and you know what to wear with camo pants now! Thanks for reading, and happy styling!

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